Solo Traveler?

What is solo traveler? or why I have to traveling alone? or what did I get by travelling alone?

Well.. since i’m in a good mood to write in english..*although that i’m not that good in writing english*soooo here it is!!

Talking about solo traveler or travelling alone, i have to say that i’m really into it. Yup, i loved and enjoyed travelling alone.. without friends nor family. But heyy.. it’s not because i’m an anti-social but…..

It makes me know myself well

While travelling, I have to manage anything by myself. Facing the obstacles that i met on my journey makes me brave, full of idea and bring me to the next level.. i feel growing again when i’m travel alone, feel like i’m in the movie.. full of adventures. Sometime i found my potential when i’m travelling alone, i found ideas while i’m alone in a city, it really helps me to get some fresh insides when i’m back home and for sure it’s so much fun!!

Many things had happen to me while travelling… funny.. sad.. weird.. stupid…
I feel “rich” when i’m back home. Travelling has though me about respect the cultures, diversity and humanity. I know.. some people might thinking “why did you wasting money for travelling.. blablabla”. Yup.. people think that I’m wasting money, while maybe i can buy something more usefull or precious than travelling. But.. once you travelling alone… “get lost” in a city.. “get lost” in a strange country… you will know why I’m wasting money for travelling.

I’m not a “traveler” kind of person before, but since college.. I travel to some place with friends, sometime just by myself…. and got addicted! I can say that i want to work as a traveler………………….. if it’s possible *LOL

At the end…………… this blog is gonna be anything about travelling, food, cultures and sometime cud be about some of my experience.

So…. Happy Reading !! XD






  1. well, I prefer solo travelling and most of my travels I am travelling alone. Yes, it makes us brave. There are disadvantages and advantages of travelling alone but it makes us really acquainted with different people from different walks of life. I get also that look that people wants to say why we are wasting money. To be honest not all has the privilege to travel and when we travel on budget, its not wasting at all. Today’s generation, both men and women travel at early age, then work, quit and stay travelling even on their 30’s. Lucky for those who met someone and has the same passion of travelling.


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